Tru to you . . .

. . . So you can be Tru to your customer. When you build with TruWood® Siding | Trim, the ease of installation, versatility, and TruWood®’s long-standing reputation for excellent customer service are behind you. What your customer experiences is TruWood® curb appeal, reliability, and your business’s commitment to building with a sustainable product.

Discover how TruWood® supports your business by providing you with products engineered to endure and an unparalleled commitment to you, our quality, and our planet.

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Why build with TruWood® products?

We want to help add value to your business. TruWood® provides you with proven products that you can easily and confidently utilize. Count on our factory-primed products with industry-leading coating for weather protection. Check out our matching TruWood® trim with a reversible option for double the application possibilities. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices by using a product manufactured from residual wood fiber. Provide your customers the assurance of our 30-year transferable warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is TruWood® unique in the industry?

Our 16” premium lap sidings install faster and more efficiently than other lap sidings on the market. We factory-prime our products with industry-leading coating for added weather protection. They are ready for your choice of paint color. Our TruWood® Siding | Trim is produced using residual wood fiber and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, the most rigorous environmental standard in the industry.

Q: How is TruWood® a sustainable product?

The TruWood® commitment to sustainability begins with how our fiber is sourced. We use residual wood fiber by processing already-downed trees or remnant wood fiber from sawmills. Our products and the forests owned and managed by Collins are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, the most rigorous environmental standard in the industry. Read more about our sustainability mission here.

Q: What is the warranty for TruWood®?

TruWood® stands behind our products with our 30-year limited transferable warranty.

Q: Where is TruWood® manufactured?

TruWood® is manufactured in Klamath Falls, Oregon by Collins, a family-owned business since 1855.

Q: How do I get samples of TruWood® Siding | Trim?

Please complete the contact form here, or call 800.329.1219 x 5.

Q: How do I find a dealer or wholesale distributor to purchase TruWood® Siding | Trim?
Q: How do I store TruWood® products before installation?

To store TruWood® products before installation, cover the siding to protect it from the elements. Store it flat and supported on stringers to avoid sagging and contact with the ground. Stack it no more than eight units high. Allow the siding to acclimatize to local conditions prior to installation.

Q: How do I install TruWood® Siding | Trim?

The proper installation method is outlined in the installation instructions. For any questions regarding proper installation, please call us at 800.329.1219 x 8.

Q: Can I install TruWood® directly to the framing lumber?

TruWood® siding needs to be installed over structural sheathing. See the TruWood installation instructions available here.

Q: How do I install TruWood® over gypsum to achieve a WUI approval?

Use 5/8” Type X Gypsum Wall to achieve compliance with the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). Be sure to nail the TruWood® siding with a nail long enough to penetrate the framing members 1 ½”.

Q: How can I install TruWood® over stucco?

The stucco should be removed prior to installing the TruWood® Siding.