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Let TruWood® help make your dream home a reality. Start with our Visualizer Tool and use our AI Technology to try on any of our wide range of siding options. Upload a photo of your project or use one of our sample homes.

Discover how TruWood® sets your home apart by providing you with products to give your home distinctive character. Our six-decade legacy of excellence provides you with the peace of mind you need to feel Tru trust in your home.

TruWood products and resources for homeowners, siding to increase curb appeal

Why choose TruWood® products?

We want to help boost your home’s curb appeal with siding and trim you can rely on. TruWood® provides you with proven products you can easily and confidently utilize. Count on our factory-primed products with industry-leading coating for weather protection. Check out our matching TruWood® trim with a reversible option for double the application possibilities. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices by using a product manufactured from residual wood fiber. Feel the assurance of our 30-year transferable warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get samples of TruWood® Siding | Trim?

Please complete the contact form here, or call 800.417.3674.

Q: I’m a homeowner and have never installed siding. What guides and support are available to me?

The proper installation method is outlined in our easy-to-follow installation instructions. For any additional questions regarding proper installation, please call us at 800.329.1219 x 8.

Q: What is the warranty for TruWood®?

TruWood® stands behind our products with our 30-year limited transferable warranty.

Q: How do I find a dealer to purchase TruWood® Siding | Trim?
Q: How do I store TruWood® products before installation?

To store TruWood® products before installation, cover the siding to protect it from the elements. Store it flat and supported on stringers to avoid sagging and contact with the ground. Stack it no more than eight units high. Allow the siding to acclimatize to local conditions prior to installation.

Q: How do I maintain my TruWood® Siding | Trim?

• Inspect and renew all sealant and immediately repair any water penetration issues every year.
• Maintain gutters and downspouts to avoid water cascading down walls.
• Ensure sprinkler patterns are directed away from structures.
• Follow paint manufacturer’s recommendations for repainting and paint maintenance.

Read the TruWood® Care and Maintenance documents available here.